Pre-Approved Payments

Companies like Amazon, UBER & Sign2Pay are championing the benefits of "frictionless payments".

Making the process of paying disappear into the background consistently demonstrates a dramatic increase in both conversion rates, and transaction amounts.

The initial setup for a Sign2Pay's Pre-Approved Payment integration is similar to other integration approaches, but instead of making a one time Payment Request, an Access Token with the preapproval scope can be saved, and used at any time.

With your pre-approved Access Token, you'll first Authorize a payment to ensure the Access Token is still valid, and that Sign2Pay is willing to process your payment.

Then, with the authorization_id returned by a successful Authorization Request, you'll make a Capture request to finalize your payment. This authorization_id is valid for 60 minutes.

With this integration type, your consumers can easily link their Bank Account to your site for you to implement you own One Click style payments and go frictionless!

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