Developer FAQ

What are Client Applications for?

Client Applications allow you to have several sign2pay implementations across your online presence.

For instance: Your company operates a single store, yet you have both a mobile site and a native iOS application. Each of these properties are implemented independently. Client Applications allow for specific redirects and webhooks, to update only the databases you want.

What does 'Mode' mean for a Client Application?

The two main modes are test and live. As you can imagine, putting your Client Application into test mode allowa you to run through the entire sign2pay process without incurring any charges. Once you are ready to move past testing, complete our payment requirements and switch to live mode. This is just as it sounds - money will be processed.

Do I have to input my actual IBAN in test mode?

When your Client Application is in test mode, any string starting with ZZ, (ie: ZZ231234566 will circumvent the IBAN validation process. If you want to use your real IBAN, as long as you're in test mode, no money will be processed.

Do I need a redirect URI in the SMS method?

No! Customers will finish their purchase on their browsers after hitting the link in the SMS. You can use a webhook to get data back and update the status of your payment.

Where is my "Client ID" (or "Merchant ID" or "Client Secret")

Sign in to your Merchant Admin. Under "Applications", select the Client Application you need credentials for. In the top right area of your screen, you will see Access Credentials. Click on it and the codes shall appear!

How to encode these access credentials?

It is quite important to keep your credentials private. The solution to do so is best explained here. (in the 'obtaining access token' tab)

How do I test locally?

To test sign2pay from a local environment, we recommend that you use a service such as ngrok. Here is a quick tutorial if you are dealing with ngrok for the first time.


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