Client Applications are how you securely connect your site or native app to Sign2Pay's Payment Processing. Beyond access, you also manage the brand and messaging during payment.

This API provides access for both create and update client applications.

Note: These are authorized calls.

Create Client Application

Parameter Required Type Description
name yes String Store front or native app name.
redirect_uri yes String The uri response will be sent to when requesting Access Grant. Must have the same domain as the application.
description no String Displays on Payment UI under your Application name as well as Purchase Receipts
logo no String Brands the Payment UI. Provide as a publicly reachable URL and we'll handle grabbing it. (Aim for a square!)
ref_id no String If you are integrating multiple Client Applications, pass your own ID to reference back to the site you're integrating.
mode no String test, live, fail, archived, defaults to test

Request Headers & Body

Accept: */*
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Token token=2d7c34be6b03de66386e50a962dd4349
Accept-Language: en-us

"application": {
    "name": "Dicki, Kuhn and Hintz",
    "description": "Business-focused optimizing product",
    "redirect_uri": "",
    "ref_id": "0123456789",
    "logo" : "",
    "mode" : "test"

Response Body

    "name": "Dicki, Kuhn and Hintz",
    "description": "Business-focused optimizing product",
    "redirect_uri": "",
    "mode": "test",
    "ref_id": "0123456789",
    "logo": "",
    "created_at": "2015-09-17T11:56:51.238+02:00",
    "updated_at": "2015-09-17T11:56:51.238+02:00"

Update Client Application

Calls to update your Client Application accept the same parameters, and return the same response, as calls to create but use the PUT method.


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