Sign2Pay provide webhooks that, when setup for your Client Application, will POST a JSON object representing your registered event.

To test out these webhooks, you can add a temporary url to Client Application settings to via http://requestb.in to see exactly what gets sent.

While we are adding new events all the time, the keys provided will follow the same object template.

Webhooks JSON Payload Keys

Key Description
resource The Sign2Pay object model the event refers to.
type The namespaced event name.
data Any required data associated with the event.
created_at Timestamp indicating when the event was registered.

Example Webhook JSON Payload:

  "resource": "purchase",
  "type": "purchase.submitted_to_merchant",
  "data": {
      "token": "560be6249ee49f1249000073",
      "ref_id": "ad827780b223e1d74312374f4d18a187",
      "purchase_id": "56af67c43f90bf129200003c",
      "amount": 1000,
      "created_at": 1454335940,
      "test": false,
      "user_params": {
          "identifier": "[email protected]"
  "created_at": 1454335940

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