Getting Started

At Sign2Pay, we think about mobile payments a little bit differently. Unlike many current payment methods, we want to provide a solution that is robust while being easy to integrate and conversion driven.

This is what led us to go back to the basics and develop a payment platform which is built on the simple notion of asking permission.

Whenever you use your Google Account or Facebook to sign into a third party website, you log into your account and grant that website permission to access parts of your account: First Name, Last Name, Email etc.

Our approach is a bit different in that instead of a valid password to grant access, the user is asked to authenticate their personal signature. In doing so, the user has thereby granted Sign2Pay permission to complete your payment request.

From M-Commerce payments, to Pre-Approved or Subscription based payments, to sending an On-Demand payment link via - we want to make it as easy as possible for you to convert your prospects into customers.

This documentation will take you through the ins and outs of getting up and running with Sign2Pay.

Sign2Pay with your Bank Account

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First things first - you'll need a Sign2Pay Merchant Account. Don't worry, it's free, easy to setup, and you can start testing your mobile payments right away. Learn More

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