This API allows you to generate a payment link which is delivered via SMS.

Note: This is a Token Authorized call.

Create and Deliver Payment Link via SMS

Parameter Required Type Description
client_uid yes Number The client id issued to your Sign2Pay Client Application.
amount yes Integer Amount of payment being requested in cents.
ref_id yes String Your unique id for your purchase.
phone yes String The mobile number for SMS delivery

Request Headers & Body

Accept: */*
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Token token=2ec27af57f6188e969b50c3d2fab8bd2
Accept-Language: en-us

  "amount": 699,
  "client_uid": "347022388338a3cddd911sdd84599e46",
  "phone": "+32484836434",
  "ref_id": "06526867c400"

Response Body

  "id": "565720a79ff088a6f0000001",
  "phone": "+32484836434",
  "amount": 699,
  "ref_id": "06526867c400",
  "view_count": 0,
  "token": "10855579-50cb-43df-824a-6d770476426a",
  "state": "queued",
  "message": "Your Papa John's invoice with the amount of €6.99 is pending. Complete your payment on your touch enabled device by visiting:",
  "formatted_amount": "€6.99",
  "link": {
    "href": "",
    "rel": "self",
    "method": "GET"

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