Desktop E-Commerce Over Mobile Commerce? Stop what you’re doing!

From Mail Order to E-Commerce

Doing e-commerce today? Still investing in the desktop to drive traffic and sales? Stop what you’re doing! Go mobile. Today!

The world today is all about mobile commerce. Have you implemented a mobile payment solution?

Twenty years ago, the mail-in catalogue was the de facto means for shopping for millions of people. Every now and then, a store would mail you a thick catalogue featuring all their products and wares. The catalogue took months to prepare and the hopes were high that consumers would like what they saw and buy.

Within each catalogue was an order form and a phone number to place your order. You placed your order, waited a week or two and your order was delivered to your address. That is how we all used to shop from home some two decades ago.

Things have changed. We’ve morphed from this paper and telephone version (which we call the analog version) to the web and internet version, which is more aptly labeled as the digital version.

Mail Order / Telephone Order (or MOTO as the card payment industry affectionately calls it) is dead. We moved to the personal computer. Families had one computer which everyone used to share and we dialed-up to access the internet.

The internet changed it all. Paper catalogues went obsolete. Mail-in orders declined and shopping when online. Costs went down. Everything became interactive. Pricing was updated instantly, no delay in mailing, no delays in order today, it was shopping “today”.

From the family desktop, we went to our own personal laptops and wireless internet. Still a desktop experience, but much more individual and personal.

Its Mobile Commerce Today!

In July 2012, mobile traffic was about 10% of all web and transaction traffic for most e-commerce website. Just three years down the road, in July 2015, the number is closer to 50% (and climbing).

If you pay close attention to your Google Analytics, you will see that out of all your traffic, mobile has now caught up or exceeded the desktop traffic.  In some cases, 50% of your transactions could be coming via mobile phones and tablets.

Two years ahead, pundits are predicting the number to be even higher, maybe as high as 70%-75%, so the question that begs to be asked, why are you still investing in the desktop?

Drop everything and invest your time and resources in mobile and tablet devices.

If you’re not doing Mobile Commerce, you’ll be out of business!

Today, we are experiencing the highest levels of interaction and engagement from mobile phone than ever before.

Impulse buying is not happening on the desktop anymore. It is happening on the mobile phone, on the go. Even with the limited pixel real-estate, users are able to see more high-res images of the products than ever before (the zoom/pinch also helps).

As a business, drop everything desktop and invest your time towards a mobile commerce strategy. Your analytics will support this move. Traffic trends for mobile are rising, and chances are they are rising for your business too.

Here's an infographic to help you understand the fast growth of mobile payments and ecommerce.


Mobile commerce growing 300% faster than eCommerce

Made by: Coupofy

Are you paying attention to the rising trend in mobile payments and ecommerce?

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