How a Signature Can be Used for Secure Mobile Payments

As more and more payments go digital, security becomes paramount. What does it take to secure mobile payments? Computers and mobile devices can be hacked easily; social engineering is always present; credit/debit cards numbers are being stolen at an alarming rate; skimmers are used at ATMs; the list is long and quite frankly, frightening.

So what exactly constitutes a secure mobile payment method? Banks reassure us that our data is safe, yet in 2014/2015 the amount of data breaches for card and personal data has never been higher. EMV is advertised as being secure, but it essentially stops duplication of physical cards, but that’s just solving a part of the problem and PINs/CVV are very easily compromised.

While too much security in payments is inconvenient, too little security, well we all know what that results in. Hundreds of startups around the world are showcasing their payment mechanisms and the security enclaves within which their payment solution works.

How Does Sign2pay Ensure Secure Mobile Payments?

Sign2Pay is also trying to tackle the issue of security in payments. Sign2pay was founded with one simple aim: To make secure mobile payments simpler and more convenient. We believe the right amount of balance between security and convenience can be found within something that is very natural to us: our handwriting, i.e. our signature.


Before you dismiss the idea of a signature being secure, let us explain just how Sign2pay ensures that mobile payments made with your signature are actually safer than fingerprints. Yes, you read that right. We believe that a fingerprint should only be used as a username and not a password for something as sensitive as making payments online.

Your Signature Is Extremely Secure. You Just Don’t Know It.

From an image point of view, when comparing two identical signatures, they look the same. You might think that if an impostor can easily forge my signature, then where is the security? Well, Sign2pay uses more than just the image of your signature (or what it looks like) to authenticate your identity. A forger might be able to copy what your signature looks like, but they absolutely CANNOT copy how you create your signature.

The Process of Creating a Signature Is Unique to You

Your signature is unique, not just in how it looks but also in terms of how you created that signature. For starters, we don’t just look at the end result, i.e. the image of your signature. We look at various elements that are involved in the process of penning your signature.

Where you start, where you end, the speeds, the way you hit your dots and dashes. From an electronic point of view, there are 100s of variables we can measure. Believe it or not a signature has over 12,000+ measurement points.

When you sign with your finger onto a mobile screen, we start learning your signature in extreme detail. You may not know it but that little scribble you just did on the screen contains more data than a fingerprint and is very, very hard to imitate.

But My Signature is Never the Same!

It doesn’t matter! When our system analyses the biometric features of your signature (which includes unique data about your style of signing, speed, pressure you apply, where you start, where you stop etc.), it uses that data to authenticate you. Even if your signature differs every time, the unique elements do not change.

This is how forensic analysts determine the identity of criminals from their handwriting and signature no matter how hard they try to make it look different.

Sign2Pay’s digital signature processing platform, which analyses over a thousand data points in a single signature, offers a security level on par with biometric authentication and far outweighs the security level of traditional passwords and PIN-codes. The technology does not require additional hardware such as card readers, finger print readers or other biometric authentication devices.

No more fumbling with card data and filling out complex checkout forms. Simply sign and authorize your payment, that is how easy and secure we have made mobile payments. Our aim is to remove all the obstacles in making a fast and secure mobile payment for your shopping.

Sign2Pay’s unique solution of signing on the screen of your mobile device is the perfect balance between security and convenience. If you’re running an e-commerce store running WooCommerce, Magento or PrestaShop, we have you covered with a direct plug-in. Customized store? Not to worry our SDK for JS and iOS will help you out.

Online Shoppers Can Try Sign2pay Without a Purchase

We would like to invite you to try out Sign2pay without making a purchase. Please go to  on your mobile touch screen device. Here, you can try to imitate the signature of a famous figure. So far, nobody has been able to replicate a signature. We even challenged people to do it.

If you like what you see, you can make a real purchase at one of our partner stores:



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