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Secure mobile payments with your signature

Increase your conversion with easy online payments


“Thanks to the web based interface, our call center is able to tell immediately if the payment went through.” Olivier Maandag, CEO of Royal Delivery

Online payments with your signature

We buy products on our smartphone while on the bus, at work or in bed. Unfortunately, buying online isn’t entirely carefree. Often you will need a card reader or an app – which is downright frustrating.
Sign2Pay removes all obstacles by allowing you to pay online using your signature on your mobile device.

That’s right. Simply put your device in landscape mode and use your finger to sign on the touch screen of your device to authorize a payment.

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We increase conversion and generate new business

Curious how this obstacle-free payment technology can help your mobile conversion?
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Optimize your checkout

Use Sign2Pay for a smooth checkout experience

Ever wondered why so many of your webshop visitors fill their shopping baskets but then fail to actually buy the goods? Maybe your checkout process is too complicated? Sign2Pay reduces friction by letting your customers checkout with a simple on-device signature. Our experience in mobile e-commerce provides you with the best practices to increase your conversion.

Boost your mobile conversion



Pre-approved payments

without the hassle

Let your customers sign a mandate once so they can enjoy your service at the touch of a finger

Do you want to make shopping easier for returning customers? Thanks to our legally valid mandate, customers can finish their purchase with a single tap.

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Subscription payments with a single signature

Signing up for your service has never been easier

Does your company charge recurring subscription fees? We make sure customers never miss a due date again by letting them use their signature on a mobile device. From now on your customer will automatically be charged on the set date. 

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Paying made easy,

whenever you need it.

Request a signature payment with a simple email or text message

Want to initiate payments at your request? Sure! Sign2Pay generates a unique and safe payment link as an alternative to cash payments. Customers simply click the link and authorize the payment on their mobile device.

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